front cover of The Pancreas and Me
The Pancreas and Me
My Life as a Biomedical Scientist
John A. Williams
Michigan Publishing Services, 2023

This is a personal story that weaves together the personal and professional aspects of a rewarding life in biomedical research. The book describes the education and career of John A. Williams, a leading biomedical scientist whose research focused on the exocrine pancreas and its function. It is arranged chronologically and covers Dr. Williams’ education, how he developed his interest in the pancreas, and how research on the pancreas developed over his 50 year career. It also provides insight into the state of American biomedical education, medical schools, and how research is funded and published. 

As a professor, his research was on the exocrine pancreas, its secretion of digestive enzymes, and regulation by gastrointestinal hormones. He published over 400 papers and trained over 60 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Dr Williams served as President of two scientific societies, the American Pancreatic Association and the American Physiological Society, and as Editor of four journals. He also founded the Pancreapedia, an open access knowledgbase about the exocrine pancreas. In addition, he taught medical and graduate students with a focus on gastrointestinal function.

While a medical student, John married his life partner, Christa Smith, and they have been together 57 years raising two children and helping with four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. John has a lifetime interest in outdoor activities, nature, and conservation. For the last decade he has been an advocate for reducing the use of fossil fuels. He is also active in the Ann Arbor Friends meeting.


front cover of The Pancreas
The Pancreas
Biology and Physiology
John A. Williams
Michigan Publishing Services, 2021

This book provides comprehensive and definitive coverage of the current understanding of the structure and function of the exocrine pancreas. While emphasis is on normal physiology, the relevant cell biological, developmental and biochemical information is also provided. Where appropriate, chapters also include material on functional changes in pancreatitis. All chapters are fully referenced and provide up to date information.

The book has been overseen and published by the American Pancreatic Association with Fred S. Gorelick and John A. Williams as Editors. It includes 26 chapters written by an international group of authorities; completed chapters are also presented in open access format on the Pancreapedia ( The book contains full-color images and summary diagrams that enhance readability and extend the detail provided in the text.

The Pancreas: Biology and Physiology is divided into four sections:

  • Pancreatic Exocrine Structure and Function Anatomy, Bioenergetics, Cytoskeleton, Intracellular Signaling
  • Acinar Cells Digestive enzyme synthesis, intracellular transport, Zymogen granules, Exocytosis
  • Exocrine Pancreas Integrative Responses Hormonal and Neural Control of Protein and Fluid Secretion, Molecular mechanisms of fluid and bicarbonate secretion, regulation of growth and regeneration
  • Pancreatic Islet and Stellate Cell Structure and Function Structure and vasculature of islets, regulation of islet secretion, Stellate Cells in health and disease

The book is designed to be a reference book for pancreas researchers but its clear and readable text will appeal to teachers, students and all individuals interested in the exocrine pancreas.


front cover of Pancreatitis
John A. Williams, editor
Michigan Publishing Services, 2016
This book provides comprehensive and definitive coverage of current
understanding of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the inflammatory
disease pancreatitis. Pancreatitis occurs in both acute and chronic forms
along with the more recently identified autoimmune pancreatitis.
Mechanisms of the disease are studied in animal models with the goal of
developing rational therapy.

The book has been overseen and published by the American Pancreatic
Association with John A. Williams as Editor-in-Chief. It includes 65
chapters written and edited by a worldwide group of authorities;
completed chapters are also presented in open access on the Pancreapedia
( Individual chapters are relatively brief, dividing
coverage into smaller units while maintaining depth. The book contains
full-color and summary diagrams for enhanced readability, and a subject
index enhances findability of information on specific topics.

Pancreatitis is divided into four sections:
• Experimental Pancreatitis – Section Editors: Stephen J. Pandol
and Ashok K. Saluja
• Acute Pancreatitis – Section Editors: Markus M. Lerch
and Marc G. Besselink
• Chronic Pancreatitis – Section Editors: Pramod K. Garg
and Julia Mayerle
• Autoimmune Pancreatitis – Section Editors: Suresh T. Chari
and Phil A. Hart

The book is aimed at pancreas researchers and clinical practitioners, but
the clear and readable text will also appeal to students and individuals
interested in the exocrine pancreas and its diseases.

front cover of Parenting on the Frontlines
Parenting on the Frontlines
Stories of Love, Loss, and Wonder
Kelly Cooper Paradis
Michigan Publishing Services, 2023

Each day of working parenthood is a rollercoaster of success and failure. My child ate a carrot! Then spit it out on the dog. I got to work on time! But there is a mystery stain on my dress shirt and this Tide stick is definitely making it worse. Also yes, that was “Baby Shark” I was humming while accidentally unmuted on the Zoom call, and no, I am not going to be able to sew an octopus costume from scratch by Friday. Please tell me there is something available at Target. 

As a parent, we live through levels of both joy and sorrow that we didn’t even know existed before. And we wonder—is it only me? Am I alone in this? In Parenting on the Frontlines, we explore both the lighter and heavier sides of working parenthood. The stories shared here are written by healthcare workers at Michigan Medicine, but all caregivers will find pieces to which they can relate. Most importantly, we want you to know that you are not alone on your journey, no matter where it takes you. 


front cover of Physical and Biophysical Foundations of Pharmacy Practice
Physical and Biophysical Foundations of Pharmacy Practice
Issues in Drug Delivery
Gordon L. Flynn, Michael S. Roberts
Michigan Publishing Services, 2015
Focused on the physical and biological barriers and opportunities for drug delivery, this book, published in cooperation with the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, is a peer-reviewed introductory physical pharmacy and biopharmaceutics text that comprehensively addresses the major issues in the field of Pharmacy Practice. It is a must for students wishing to understand the background and mechanics of dosage form technology.

front cover of Pickleball for Life
Pickleball for Life
Prevent Injury, Play Your Best, & Enjoy the Game
Jes Reynolds and Sanjay Saint
Michigan Publishing Services, 2022
Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, in large part because it is so accessible. It seems like everyone can play it, regardless of age or athletic ability. Bursts of high-intensity effort during a game, however, can lead to injuries. Overstretching to reach a ball, taking a tumble during a point, or not adequately warming up before a game is all too common. While it is easy to pick up a paddle and learn to play, it can be challenging to know how to prevent an injury. For this reason, PICKLEBALL FOR LIFE: PREVENT INJURY, PLAY YOUR BEST & ENJOY THE GAME is an important resource for all pickleball players. Coauthored by a personal fitness trainer and a physician, this book offers needed guidance to players at all skill levels and entry points. PICKLEBALL FOR LIFE helps readers through everything from a proper nutritional plan, pickleball training activities, and a head-to-toe approach for injury prevention to a brief pre- and postgame routine. The book also points to additional helpful resources, like videos that demonstrate appropriate exercises. With its easy-to-read conversational tone, readers will feel as though a personal trainer is helping them reach their unique pickleball goals.
"Reynolds & Saint share a totally engaging, personalized, honest and insightful guide to growing any players enjoyment of and benefit from pickle ball, with tools toward avoiding injury." -  Robert Hogikyan

“This short book is full of tips that will help you to improve your overall health, reduce chance of injury, and improve your game, while maximizing your enjoyment of this amazing sport!” -  Larry Junck

"Pickleball for Life is a concise guide to keeping you flexible and mobile not just for a better dinking game but to keep you on the court into your 80s." - Christy Howden, Co-owner of Wolverine Pickleball

"Reynolds & Saint place personal training at your fingertips. Their instruction not only improves your game but offers a safer solution to reduce pain after you play." -  Vineet Chopra

front cover of Portals
A Treatise on Internet-Distributed Television
Amanda D. Lotz
Michigan Publishing Services, 2017
Television audiences and its industry alike have been confused by the emergence of new ways to watch television. On one hand, the programs seem every bit like the television we’ve long known, while the way we can watch, what we can watch, and the business models supporting them differ significantly.

Portals: A Treatise on Internet-Distributed Television pushes understandings of the business of television to keep pace with the considerable technological change of the last decade. It explains why shows such as Orange is the New Black or Transparent are indeed television despite coming to screens over internet connection and in exchange for a monthly fee. It explores how internet-distributed television is able to do new things – particularly, allow different people to watch different shows chosen from a library of possibilities. This technological ability allows new audience behaviors and new norms in making television.
Portals are the “channels” of internet-distributed television, and Portals identifies how the task of curating a library of shows differs from channels’ task of building a schedule. It explores the business model—subscriber funding—that supports many portals, and identifies the key differences from advertiser or direct purchase. Portals considers what we know about the future of television, even though we remain early in a process of transformative change.

front cover of The Possibility of Practical Reason
The Possibility of Practical Reason
J. David Velleman
Michigan Publishing Services, 2015
The Possibility of Practical Reason explores the foundational questions of moral psychology: How can any of our behavior qualify as acting for a reason? How can any considerations qualify as reasons for us to act? David Velleman argues that both possibilities depend on there being a constitutive aim of action―something that makes for success in action as such. These twelve essays―five of which were not included in the previous edition, two of them previously unpublished―discuss topics such as freedom of the will, shared intention, the relation between value and practical reasoning, the foundations of decision theory, and the motivational role of the imagination.

front cover of Post-Racial No More
Post-Racial No More
Race, Realities, and Resources of Ethnic Minority Families: Groves Monographs on Marriage and Family (Volume 7)
Helyne Frederick
Michigan Publishing Services, 2022

front cover of ¡Pum! ¡Ay!
¡Pum! ¡Ay!
Marcus se lastima
Billy Pediatric Trauma Program, C. S. Mott Children's Hospital, Michigan Medicine
Michigan Publishing Services, 2021
A Marcus le encanta jugar con sus amigas Olivia y Nora. Un día cuando estaban en los columpios del parque, ¡se cae y se lastima y tiene que ir al hospital! En el hospital, Marcus conoce a un perro llamado Denver. Denver le enseña sobre el dolor, qué hacer para aliviar el dolor, y cómo tomar medicina de manera segura, para que se sienta mejor y pueda jugar con sus amigas de nuevo.

front cover of Punctuation and Persuasion
Punctuation and Persuasion
Patrick Barry
Michigan Publishing Services, 2022

With a little knowledge and a lot of practice, you can do more than just sound more professional when you skillfully use commas, semicolons, and other forms of punctuation. You can, importantly, become more persuasive. 

That’s what students who have taken Professor Patrick Barry’s classes at the University of Michigan Law School, the University of Chicago Law School, and the UCLA School of Law have learned, as have the over 100,000 people who have enrolled in his online course “Good with Words: Writing and Editing” on the educational platforms Coursera and FutureLearn. 

Now, thanks to this book, you can undergo that same rhetorical transformation. Punctuation doesn’t have to be a pain point. When properly mastered, it can be a powerful tool for all kinds of advocates. 


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