edited by Peter E. Siegel and Elizabeth Righter
contributions by Esteban Prieto Vicioso, Peter E. Siegel, Elizabeth Righter, Kelley Scudder-Temple, Reg Murphy, Benoit Berard, Christian Stouvenot, Milton Eric Branford, Paul E. Lewis, Kevin Farmer, Basil A. Reid, Vel Lewis, Jay B. Haviser, R. Grant Gilmore III, William F. Keegan, Winston F. Phulgence, Todd M. Ahlman, Richard T. Callaghan, Michael P. Pateman, Daniel Torres Etayo, Bruce J. Larson, Andrea Richards and Ainsley Henriques
preface by Peter E. Siegel
University of Alabama Press, 2011
Paper: 978-0-8173-5667-5 | eISBN: 978-0-8173-8390-9
Library of Congress Classification F2169.P76 2011
Dewey Decimal Classification 972.901


Heritage preservation is a broad term that can include the protection of a wide range of human-mediated material and cultural processes ranging from specific artifacts, ancient rock art, and features of the built environment and modified landscapes. As a region of multiple independent nations and colonial territories, the Caribbean shares a common heritage at some levels, yet at the same time there are vast historical and cultural differences. Likewise, approaches to Caribbean heritage preservation are similarly diverse in range and scope.


This volume addresses the problem of how Caribbean nations deal with the challenges of protecting their cultural heritages or patrimonies within the context of pressing economic development concerns. Is there formal legislation that requires cultural patrimony to be considered prior to the approval of development projects? Does legislation apply only to government-funded projects or to private ones as well? Are there levels of legislation: local, regional, national? Are heritage preservation laws enforced? For whom is the heritage protected and what public outreach is implemented to disseminate the information acquired and retained?


In this volume, practitioners of heritage management on the frontline of their own islands address the current state of affairs across the Caribbean to present a comprehensive overview of Caribbean heritage preservation challenges. Considerable variability is seen in how determined and serious different nations are in approaching the responsibilities of heritage preservation. Packaging these diverse scenarios into a single volume is a critical step in raising awareness of the importance of protecting and judiciously managing an ever-diminishing fund of Caribbean heritage for all.



Todd M. Ahlman / Benoît Bérard / Milton Eric Branford / Richard T. Callaghan / Kevin Farmer / R. Grant Gilmore III / Jay B. Haviser / Ainsley C. Henriques / William F. Keegan / Bruce J. Larson / Paul E. Lewis / Vel Lewis / Reg Murphy / Michael P. Pateman / Winston F. Phulgence / Esteban Prieto Vicioso / Basil A. Reid / Andrea Richards / Elizabeth Righter / Kelley Scudder-Temple / Peter E. Siegel / Christian Stouvenot / Daniel Torres Etayo