edited by Megan L. Bever and Scott A. Suarez
contributions by Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, James M. McPherson, Theodore Rosengarten, J. Mills Thornton III, Richard J.M. Blackett, Dan T. Carter, Pete Daniel, Laura F. Edwards, William Freehling and Gary W. Gallagher
introduction by George C. Rable
University of Alabama Press, 2014
Cloth: 978-0-8173-1851-2 | eISBN: 978-0-8173-8784-6
Library of Congress Classification E175.45.H56 2014
Dewey Decimal Classification 975

The Historian behind the History brings together a collection of valuable interviews with prominent southern historians conducted over the course of a decade by graduate students in the University of Alabama’s history program for the journal Southern History. In the interviews, ten notable southern historians and mentors illuminate the state of historiography, their experiences in the profession, and their thoughts about graduate education and southern history.
The historians and their main topics include:
Richard J. M. Blackett on antebellum and African American history
Dan T. Carter on Reconstruction, Civil Rights, and George Wallace
Pete Daniel on the New Deal and the Cold War South                                                   
Laura F. Edwards on the Early Republic, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and women’s history
William W. Freehling on the antebellum South
Gary W. Gallagher on the Civil War
Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore on Jim Crow
James M. McPherson on the Civil War
Theodore Rosengarten on the Depression
J. Mills Thornton III on the antebellum South
In his introduction, award-winning author and historian George C. Rable draws together the multifaceted themes of these interviews, offering a compelling overview of the nature of the field. Edited by Megan L. Bever and Scott A. Suarez, The Historian behind the History offers critical insights about the craft and professional life of the historian.