front cover of Wad-Ja-Get?
The Grading Game in American Education, 50th Anniversary Edition
Howard Kirschenbaum, Rodney Napier, and Sidney B. Simon; With a new introduction by Professor Barry Fishman
Michigan Publishing Services, 2020

Grades and grading are an accepted part of modern education. But why? Why do we accept a system that is more focused on ranking students than on learning? Why do we accept the negative effects of standard grading approaches, including turning students off from learning, increasing stress, creating winners and losers, and perpetuating racial and economic inequality? Why do we accept these things when there are better alternatives?

Wad-Ja-Get? is a unique discussion of grading and its effects on students. The book was written by three education professors who have had first-hand contact with the problems of grading in all its forms. Written in the form of a novel, the topic is explored through the eyes of students, teachers, and parents in one high school embroiled in a controversy around grading. Possible alternatives to the grading system are examined in detail and the research on grading is summarized in an appendix. This 50th anniversary edition of the book includes a new introduction by Professor Barry Fishman, updating the research and setting the original book in the context of today’s educational and societal challenges. Wad-Ja-Get? remains timely five decades after its original publication, and will be inspiring to students, parents, educators, and policymakers.


front cover of Wikipedia and Academic Libraries
Wikipedia and Academic Libraries
A Global Project
Edited by Laurie M. Bridges, Raymond Pun, and Roberto A. Arteaga
Michigan Publishing Services, 2021

Wikipedia and Academic Libraries: A Global Project contains 19 chapters by 52 authors from Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Scotland, Spain, and the United States. The chapters in this book are authored by both new and longtime members of the Wikimedia community, representing a range of experiences.


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Witness Lab
Performance and the Law
Courtney McClellan
Michigan Publishing Services, 2020
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