front cover of A Nation of Widening Opportunities
A Nation of Widening Opportunities
The Civil Rights Act at 50
Ellen D. Katz and Samuel R. Bagenstos, editors
Michigan Publishing Services, 2015
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was an extraordinary achievement of law, politics, and human rights. On October 11, 2013, a diverse group of civil rights scholars met at the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor to assess the interpretation, development, and administration of civil rights law in the five decades since President Johnson signed the Act. This volume comprises edited versions of the papers that these scholars presented, enriched by lively discussions at and after the conference, and it contributes to the continuing debates regarding the civil rights project in the United States and the world.

front cover of Nessie Visits the Great Lakes
Nessie Visits the Great Lakes
Anna Urso
Michigan Publishing Services, 2022

front cover of A New Insurgency
A New Insurgency
The Port Huron Statement and Its Times
Howard Brick and Gregory Parker, eds.
Michigan Publishing Services, 2018
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was just one of several new insurgent movements for democracy and social justice during the late 1950s and early 1960s, and it must be understood in the context of other causes and organizations—in the United States and abroad—that inspired its founding manifesto, the Port Huron Statement. In A New Insurgency: The Port Huron Statement and Its Times, a diverse group of more than forty scholars and activists take a transnational approach in order to explore the different—though often interconnected—campaigns that mobilized people along varied racial, ethnic, gender, and regional dimensions from the birth of the New Left in the civil rights and pacifist agitation of the 1950s to the Occupy movements of today.
This volume features three never-before-published “manifesto drafts” written by Tom Hayden in early 1962 that generated the discussion leading to the Port Huron meeting. Other highlights include recollections from leading women in the Port Huron deliberations who, three years later, protested the subordination of women within the radical movements, thus setting the stage for the rise of women’s liberation. A New Insurgency is based on the University of Michigan’s conference commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Port Huron Statement in 2012.
“The fiftieth anniversary of the Port Huron Statement has drawn a great number of reflections and commemorations, but this carefully conceived volume offers an account of unrivaled ambition, exceptional breadth, and surprising insight. It both excavates the event itself—vividly, perceptively, exhaustively—and gives it the largest and most illuminating of contexts. A New Insurgency is as close to definitive as any volume of this kind can become.”
—Geoff Eley, Karl Pohrt Distinguished University Professor of Contemporary History, University of Michigan

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New Materialism
Interviews & Cartographies
Rick Dolphijn and Iris van der Tuin
Michigan Publishing Services, 2012
This book is the first monograph on the theme of “new materialism,” an emerging trend in 21st century thought that has already left its mark in such fields as philosophy, cultural theory, feminism, science studies, and the arts. The first part of the book contains elaborate interviews with some of the most prominent new materialist scholars of today: Rosi Braidotti, Manuel DeLanda, Karen Barad, and Quentin Meillassoux. The second part situates the new materialist tradition in contemporary thought by singling out its transversal methodology, its position on sexual differing, and by developing the ethical and political consequences of new materialism.

front cover of Not Just Any Department of Family Medicine
Not Just Any Department of Family Medicine
Kent J. Sheets, Ph.D.
Michigan Publishing Services, 2018

This book tells how the Department of Family Medicine was established at the University of Michigan in 1978 and how it has evolved since then. The forty years of stories paint a detailed picture of the department leaders, faculty, staff, and learners who coped with setbacks, challenges, and accomplishments in establishing this specialty at a nationally renowned medical school.


front cover of Notes on Nuance
Notes on Nuance
Volume 1
Patrick Barry
Michigan Publishing Services, 2020

To succeed in law, business, education, government, health care, and many other fields, it is becoming increasingly important to distinguish yourself as a savvy communicator. Social media has only accelerated the ways in which we all must learn to use our words to connect, compete, and create. There are features of the English language, however, that many of us haven’t taken full advantage of yet. Notes on Nuance is designed to help change that.

Drawing on a diverse collection of authors—from novelists to physicists, from ancient Greek historians to modern-day CEOs—it reveals the hidden mechanics that skilled writers use to add style and sophistication to their sentences and slogans. It’s the perfect resource for people who are looking to do more with their written words.

This book includes materials from a popular course called “Good with Words: Writing and Editing” that Professor Patrick Barry created at both the University of Michigan Law School and the University of Chicago Law School. An online version of that course is now available through the educational platform Coursera.


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