front cover of Families at the Intersection of Mental Health and Disabilities
Families at the Intersection of Mental Health and Disabilities
Groves Monographs on Marriage and Family (Volume 6)
Brian Paul Masciadrelli
Michigan Publishing Services, 2022
Volume 6: Families at the Intersection of Mental Health and Dis­ability offers scholars and practitioners an opportunity to focus on the multiple ways these experiences impact individuals, families, and com­munities in American society. Chapters in this volume are influenced by the theme of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Groves Conference, held in Buffalo, New York. 

front cover of Feedback Loops
Feedback Loops
How to Give and Receive High-Quality Feedback
Patrick Barry
Michigan Publishing Services, 2023

Learning how to give and receive feedback is fundamental to the development of every student and professional. Yet few of us are ever taught anything like “feedback skills.” 

This book, which is the first in the Feedback Loops series, is designed to change that. Here is what students who have taken the University of Michigan Law School course on which the series is based have said about it:

  • “One of the most memorable and useful classes I have taken in law school!”

  • “Excellent, full stop.”

  • “This class was always a fun highlight of my week.”


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Finding the Public Domain
Copyright Review Management System Toolkit
Melissa Levine, Kristina Eden, Justin Bonfiglio, and Richard Adler
Michigan Publishing Services, 2016
Copyright is meant to do something—several things—to accomplish socially desirable ends. One of those ends is to create a space for a free exchange of ideas that allows us to build upon a universe of expression that came before. 
How can I tell if something is in the public domain? This is the central question addressed daily by the Copyright Review Management System (CRMS) project. It is a special question and one essential to the social bargain that society has struck with authors and rights holders.
It is also a deceptively simple question. There should be a straightforward answer, especially for books. It should be easy to know when something is—or is not—subject to copyright. And yet, in an age of absolute fluidity of media and medium, even plain old books can be highly complex embodiments of copyright. We need to make it easier to ascertain whether a work is in the public domain. If the rights of copyright holders are to be respected and valued as part of the social bargain, the public domain as a matter of copyright law should be ascertainable and enjoyed
Given this complexity, consider the determination of the copyright status of a given creative work as a design problem. How do we move the copyright status of works in the collections of our libraries, museums, and archives from confusion and uncertainty to clarity and opportunity? Working over a span of nearly eight years, the University of Michigan Library received three grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to generously fund CRMS, a cooperative effort by partner research libraries to identify books in the public domain in HathiTrust. The Toolkit is a resource that aims to allow others to understand and replicate the work done by CRMS.

front cover of The First 50 Years of the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan
The First 50 Years of the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan
Don Chaffin
Michigan Publishing Services, 2016
Why does someone commit to writing a history about anything? Hopefully, by doing so both the writer and readers will realize that good things don’t simply happen; they result from the creative and hard work of many different people who shared a common vision and goals, often for many years. The Industrial and Operations Engineering Department has been a highly ranked leader in several different aspects of the field over its lifetime. Part of its success may lie in the fact that its faculty members have come from diverse fields, including mathematics, computer science, statistics, physiology, psychology, organizational psychology, mechanical engineering, and economics. In addition, many faculty members worked in or with a variety of industries before joining the department. These people appear to have used their diverse backgrounds in the belief that they could accomplish a larger impact by actively collaborating with others to solve a variety of major societal problems.

front cover of Flood in Florence, 1966
Flood in Florence, 1966
A Fifty-Year Retrospective
Paul Conway and Martha O’Hara Conway
Michigan Publishing Services, 2018
On November 4, 1966, the Arno River in Florence, Italy, flooded its banks, breaching the basements and first floors of museums, libraries, and private residences and burying centuries of books, manuscripts, and works of art in muck and muddy water. Flood in Florence, 1966documents a symposium held to mark the 50th anniversary of a natural disaster that served as an impetus for the modern library and museum conservation professions. The proceedings feature illustrated, first-person remembrances of the flood; papers on book conservation, the conservation of works of art, disaster preparedness and response, and the continuing needs for education and training; and a keynote that points toward a future where original artifacts and digital technologies intersect. Providing new insights on a touchstone event by three generations of preservation and conservation professionals, the proceedings deepen our understanding of major advances in conservation practice and shed light on some of the most important lessons from those advances for future generations and the digital age.

front cover of Foodloose in Washtenaw
Foodloose in Washtenaw
A Foodie's Guide to Washtenaw County
Taylor Landeryou and Raymond De Young
Michigan Publishing Services, 2018

Inspired by a classic walking guidebook of the area, Foodloose in Washtenaw County takes readers on tours to discover food-related treasures throughout the county. What better way to get to know this place—or experience something new—than to bike, bus, carpool, walk, even kayak your way through food-filled Washtenaw County?

From centennial farms to trendy upscale restaurants, the self-guided tours of Foodloose offer an opportunity to explore where our food is grown, produced, distributed, and enjoyed in Washtenaw County. Within these pages lies a chance to celebrate the local food community, learn more about our unique food system, and maybe even find a new favorite place to dine.


front cover of Fostering Reasonableness
Fostering Reasonableness
Supportive Environments for Bringing Out Our Best
Rachel Kaplan and Avik Basu, editors
Michigan Publishing Services, 2015
We humans are difficult animals. We are the source of environmental degradation, the culprits of resource decline. We are reluctant to trust and easily angered. However, we are also the source of inspiration, compassion, and creative solutions. What brings out the reasonable side of our capacity? The Reasonable Person Model (RPM) offers a simple framework for considering essential ingredients in how people, at their best, deal with one another and the resources on which we all rely. RPM is a hopeful and engaging framework that helps us understand and address a wide diversity of issues. The 20 chapters of Fostering Reasonableness provide the conceptual foundations of the framework and applications examining contexts as diverse as a region, organization, the classroom, finding common ground in resource planning, education in the prison environment, greening in the inner city. Our collective hope in putting the book together is to encourage a way of seeing, a way of understanding and examining circumstances that might lead to more wholesome, adaptive, and effective means of addressing the big and little issues that depend on humanity’s reasonableness.

front cover of Foundations of Applied Electromagnetics
Foundations of Applied Electromagnetics
Kamal Sarabandi
Michigan Publishing Services, 2022
Electromagnetics is credited with the greatest achievements of physics in the 19th century. Despite its long history of development, due to its fundamental nature and broad base, research in applied electromagnetics is still vital and going strong. In recent years electromagnetics played a major role in a wide range of disciplines, including wireless communication, remote sensing of the environment, military defense, and medical applications, among many others. Graduate students interested in such exciting fields of research need a strong foundation in field theory, which was part of the motivation for writing this book on classical electromagnetics but with an eye on its modern applications.

front cover of From the Forest to the Shore
From the Forest to the Shore
Julia Glassman
Michigan Publishing Services, 2022

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