by Kate Whitehead
Hong Kong University Press, 2024
Paper: 978-988-8842-89-6

Uses stories of life under Hong Kong’s strict pandemic restrictions to inspire mental health awareness.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a global crisis that affected millions of lives and brought mental health challenges to the forefront. In Hong Kong, the situation was worsened by uniquely strict COVID-19 regulations, quarantine measures, and travel restrictions. The mental health issues associated with the pandemic did not end with the lifting of the mask mandate. On the contrary, the repercussions are only just beginning to surface and their impact will be felt for years to come.

This eye-opening book shares the stories of ordinary Hongkongers who faced extraordinary challenges during the pandemic. Through a blend of first-person accounts, psychological insights, and hard data, it offers a compelling and accessible exploration of the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on mental health in Hong Kong.

However, Pandemic Minds is not only a chronicle of suffering—it is also a guide to healing and hope. It offers practical advice on how to overcome the mental health issues caused by the pandemic, and how to build resilience and well-being. It reveals the lessons that can be learned from Hong Kong’s experience, and how they can help individuals and policymakers around the world.

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