by Alex Douglas
Signature Books, 2023
eISBN: 978-1-56085-485-2 | Paper: 978-1-56085-468-5

In The Old Testament for Latter-day Saints, Alex Douglas explores the Old Testament from various perspectives: as a believer, a skeptic, a secular scholar, and a member of the Latter-day Saint community. He delves deep into biblical scholarship, incorporating insights from disciplines such as ancient Near Eastern archaeology and the rich mythic traditions of Israel’s neighboring cultures. By doing so, Douglas helps the reader appreciate the profound significance the Old Testament held for its earliest readers.

This book also explores the intriguing ways in which Latter-day Saints have interpreted and engaged with this ancient text and the author navigates their diverse interpretations of it. He examines how individuals have alternately embraced the Old Testament as myth or history, law or legend, wise counsel or sacred scripture. He shows where many traditional interpretations have come from, and offers many ways to encourage a more nuanced understanding of the text.

Drawing from a wealth of scholarly research and his own unique perspective, Douglas presents a compelling and multidimensional analysis of the Old Testament. However readers approach the text, this book sheds light on the complex nature of the Old Testament and its enduring relevance to the Latter-day Saint tradition.