front cover of Mark, Mutuality, and Mental Health
Mark, Mutuality, and Mental Health
Encounters with Jesus
Simon Mainwaring
SBL Press, 2014

An incitement to re-assess how society relates to persons with poor mental health

Mainwaring explores the societal contexts of those who suffer poor mental health, and in particular the relational dynamics of how identity, agency, and dialogue are negotiated in personal encounters. This work seeks to serve as an experiment, such that interested readers might better understand the dynamics of relational power that pervade encounters with persons with poor mental health.


  • Foucauldian analysis of the relational dynamics of poor mental health used to re-imagine hegemonic relational dynamics
  • Close readings of encounters between individual characters to evaluate how mutuality operates in those encounters
  • Study of mutuality as it has emerged in mental health literature, feminist theologies, and theologies of disability

front cover of Matthew within Judaism
Matthew within Judaism
Israel and the Nations in the First Gospel
Anders Runesson
SBL Press, 2020

In this collection of essays, leading New Testament scholars reassess the reciprocal relationship between Matthew and Second Temple Judaism. Some contributions focus on the relationship of the Matthean Jesus to torah, temple, and synagogue, while others explore theological issues of Jewish and gentile ethnicity and universalism within and behind the text.


front cover of Matthew’s Parable of the Royal Wedding Feast
Matthew’s Parable of the Royal Wedding Feast
A Sociorhetorical Interpretation
Ruth Christa Mathieson
SBL Press, 2023

Ruth Christa Mathieson’s unique reading of Matthew’s parable of the royal wedding feast (Matt 22:1–14), which concludes with the king’s demand that one of the guests be bound and cast out into the outer darkness, focuses on the means of the underdressed guest’s expulsion. Using sociorhetorical interpretation, Mathieson draws the parable into conversation with early Jewish narratives of the angel Raphael binding hands and feet (1 Enoch; Tobit) and the protocol for expelling individuals from the community in Matt 18. She asserts that readers are invited to consider if the person who is bound and cast out is a danger to the little ones of the community of faith unless removed and restrained.


front cover of Metaphor, Morality, and the Spirit in Romans 8
Metaphor, Morality, and the Spirit in Romans 8
William E. W. Robinson
SBL Press, 2016

Engage compelling arguments that challenge prominent positions in Pauline studies

In this innovative book, William E. W. Robinson takes the reader on a journey through Romans 8:1–17 using Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Conceptual Integration Theory. Robinson delineates the underlying cognitive metaphors, their structure, their function, what they mean, and how Paul’s audiences then and now are able to comprehend their meaning. He examines each metaphor in the light of relevant aspects of the Greco-Roman world and Paul’s Jewish background. Robinson contends that Paul portrays the Spirit as the principal agent in the religious-ethical life of believers. At the same time, his analysis demonstrates that the conceptual metaphors in Romans 8:1–17 convey the integral role of believers in ethical conduct. In the process, he addresses thorny theological issues such as whether Spirit and flesh signal an internal battle within believers or two conflicting ways of life. Finally, Robinson shows how this study is relevant to related Pauline passages and challenges scholars to incorporate these methods into their own investigation of biblical texts.


  • Sustained argument that sheds new light on how Paul communicates with his audiences
  • Substantial contribution to current debates about central theological concepts
  • Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Conceptual Integration Theory applied to the metaphors in Romans 8:1-17

front cover of Migration and Diaspora
Migration and Diaspora
Exegetical Voices of Women in Northeast Asian Countries
Hisako Kinukawa
SBL Press, 2014

Engage and explore readings from a multi-religious, globalized, multicultural region

The papers in this collection were presented at the third meeting of the Society of Asian Biblical Studies held at the Sabah Theological Seminary, Malaysia in 2012. The essays represent the work of women/feminist scholars in biblical hermeneutics in this region who have raised questions against traditional, male-centered interpretations, offering distinct perspectives based on their experiences of pain, subjugation, and a forced sacrificial philosophy of life.


  • Articles focused on finding justice for women through dialogue with biblical texts
  • Reflections on migration, diaspora, displacement, discrimination, and conditions generated by poverty and systemic oppression
  • Five essays from women in China, Japan, and Korea

front cover of Mixed Feelings and Vexed Passions
Mixed Feelings and Vexed Passions
Exploring Emotions in Biblical Literature
F. Scott Spencer
SBL Press, 2017

A ground-breaking collection exploring the rich array of emotions in biblical literature

An international team of Hebrew Bible and New Testament scholars offers incisive case studies of passions displayed by divine and human figures in the biblical texts ranging from joy, happiness, and trust to grief, hate, and disgust. Essays address how biblical characters' feelings affect their relationship with God, one another, and the world and how these feelings mix together, for good or ill, for flourishing or vexation. Deeply engaged with both ancient and modern contexts, including the burgeoning interdisciplinary study of emotion in the humanities and sciences, these essays break down the artificial divide between reason and passion, cognition and emotion, thought and feeling in biblical study.


  • Case studies drawn from multiple genres across the Bible: narrative, prophets, poetry, wisdom, Gospels, and letters
  • Helpful select bibliographies of interdisciplinary resources at the end of each essay
  • Critical balance between theory and practice and between method and close textual analysis
  • Distinctive ancient Hebrew and Greek uses of emotional terms and concepts compared with each other and with evolving understandings in Western culture

front cover of Myth and Scripture
Myth and Scripture
Contemporary Perspectives on Religion, Language, and Imagination
Dexter E. Callender, Jr.
SBL Press, 2014

An interdisciplinary collection for scholars and students interested in the connections between myth and scripture

In this collection scholars suggest that using “myth” creates a framework within which to set biblical writings in both cultural and literary comparative contexts. Reading biblical accounts alongside the religious narratives of other ancient civilizations reveals what is commonplace and shared among them. The fruit of such work widens and enriches our understanding of the nature and character of biblical texts, and the results provide fresh evidence for how biblical writings became “scripture.”


  • Essays that explore how myth sheds light on the emergence of scripture
  • Examples drawn from the Ancient Near East, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and Greco-Roman world
  • Articles by experts from a range of disciplines

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