front cover of The Identity of Israel’s God in Christian Scripture
The Identity of Israel’s God in Christian Scripture
Don Collett
SBL Press, 2021

A broad, sweeping volume that breaches the walls separating biblical and theological disciplines

Biblical scholars and theologians engage an important question: Who is Israel’s God for Christian readers of the Old Testament? For Christians, Scripture is the Old and New Testament bound together in a single legacy. Contributors approach the question from multiple disciplinary vantage points. Essays on both Testaments focus on figural exegesis, critical exegesis, and the value of diachronic understandings of the Old Testament’s compositional history for the sake of a richer synchronic reading. This collection is offered in celebration of the life and work of Christopher R. Seitz. His rich and wide-ranging scholarly efforts have provided scholars and students alike a treasure trove of resources related to this critical question.


front cover of Impurity and Purification in Early Judaism and the Jesus Tradition
Impurity and Purification in Early Judaism and the Jesus Tradition
Thomas Kazen
SBL Press, 2021
This collection of essays by Thomas Kazen focuses on issues of purity and purification in early Judaism and the Jesus tradition. During the late Second Temple period, Jewish purity practices became more prominent than before and underwent substantial developments. These essays advance the ongoing conversation and debate about a number of key issues in the field, such as the relationship between ritual and morality, the role and function of metaphor, and the use of evolutionary and embodied perspectives. Kazen's research stands in constant dialogue with the major currents and main figures in purity research, including both historical (origin, development, practice) and cognitive (evolutionary, emotional, conceptual) approaches.

front cover of Inspiration and Interpretation
Inspiration and Interpretation
A Theological Introduction to Sacred Scripture
Denis Farkasfalvy
Catholic University of America Press, 2010
Inspiration and Interpretation provides readers with a much needed general theological introduction to the study of Sacred Scripture.

front cover of The Intercourse of Knowledge
The Intercourse of Knowledge
On Gendering Desire and 'Sexuality' in the Hebrew Bible
Athalya Brenner
SBL Press, 2016

Now in paperback!

This groundbreaking book, which builds on the author's earlier work in On Gendering Texts, studies how, by what means, and to what extent human love, desire and sex, and possibly even "sexuality"; are gendered in the Hebrew Bible. The investigation looks into the construction of male and female bodies in language and ideologies; the praxis and ideology of sex, procreation, and contraception; deviation from socio-sexual boundaries (e.g. incest, rape, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution); eroticism and "pornoprophetics."


  • Paperback format of an essential Brill monograph
  • A classification and gendering of the linguistic and semantic data
  • Discussion of wider sociological and theological implications

front cover of Interfigural Readings of the Gospel of John
Interfigural Readings of the Gospel of John
Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger
SBL Press, 2019

New and challenging readings of biblical characters

This volume of collected essays introduces the concept of interfigurality, the interrelations and interdependence between characters in the Gospel of John and in the Synoptic Gospels and the Hebrew Bible.The essays are informed by a narrative-critical reader-response, (post)feminist hermeneutics and an autobiographical approach to biblical texts. This volume encourages transformative encounters between present-day readers and the ancient biblical texts.


  • Previously unpublished conference papers and published essays
  • A new perspective on the relation between New Testament and Hebrew Bible
  • Foreword by Fernando F. Segovia

Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger is an independent scholar and the author of Transformative Encounters: Jesus and Women Re-viewed (1999) and the editor of The Personal Voice in Biblical Interpretation (1998) and Autobiographical Biblical Criticism: Between Text and Self (2002).


front cover of Interpreting 2 Peter through African American Women’s Moral Writings
Interpreting 2 Peter through African American Women’s Moral Writings
Shively T. J. Smith
SBL Press, 2023
Shively T. J. Smith reconsiders what is most distinct, troubling, and potentially thrilling about the often overlooked and dismissed book of 2 Peter. Using the rhetorical strategies of nineteenth-century African American women, including Ida B. Wells, Jarena Lee, Anna Julia Cooper, and others, Smith redefines the use of biblical citations, the language of justice and righteousness, and even the matter of pseudonymity in 2 Peter. She approaches 2 Peter as an instance of Christian cultural rhetoric that forges a particular kind of community identity and behavior. This pioneering study considers how 2 Peter cultivates the kind of human relations and attitudes that speak to the values of moral people seeking justice in the past as well as today.

front cover of Interpreting the Gospel of John in Antioch and Alexandria
Interpreting the Gospel of John in Antioch and Alexandria
Miriam DeCock
SBL Press, 2020

A nuanced study of early Christian exegesis

Miriam DeCock analyzes four important early Christian treatments of the Gospel of John, including commentaries by Origen and Cyril from the Alexandrian tradition and the homilies of John Chrysostom and the commentary of Theodore of Mopsuestia, which represent Antiochian traditions. DeCock maintains that the traditional distinction between nonliteral and literal interpretations in these two early Christian centers remains helpful despite recent challenges to the paradigm. She argues that a major and abiding distinction between the two schools lies in the manner in which Alexandrian and Antiochian authors apply the gospel text to their respective communities. DeCock demonstrates that the Antiochenes find primarily literal moral examples and doctrinal teachings in John's Gospel, whereas the Alexandrians find both these and nonliteral teachings concerning the immediate situation of the church and of its individual members.


  • An examination of each author's interpretations of a selection of texts
  • Focused explorations of John 2; 4; and 9-11 in early Christian exegesis
  • A study of early literal non-literal interpretations of John's Gospel

front cover of An Introduction to Empire in the New Testament
An Introduction to Empire in the New Testament
Adam Winn
SBL Press, 2016

Explore how empire is a crucial foreground for reading and interpreting the New Testament

In the last three decades, significant attention has been given to the way in which New Testament texts engage and respond to the imperial world in which they were written. The purpose of the present volume is to introduce students and non-specialists to the growing subfield of New Testament studies known as empire studies. Contributors seek to make readers aware of the significant work that has already been produced, while also pointing them to new ways in which this field is moving forward. The contributors are Bruce W. Longenecker, Richard A. Horsley, Warren Carter, Adam Winn, Eric D. Barreto, Beth M. Sheppard, Neil Elliot, James R. Harrison, Harry O. Maier, Deborah Krause, Jason A.Whitlark, Matthew R. Hauge, Kelly D. Liebengood, and Davina C. Lopez.


  • Essays from a diverse group of interpreters who at times have differing presuppositions, methods, and concerns
  • Articles introduce students and non-specialists to the Roman imperial realities regularly encountered by first and second century Christians
  • Contributions explore the strategies employed by early Christians to respond to the Roman empire
  • [more]

    front cover of Islands, Islanders, and the Bible
    Islands, Islanders, and the Bible
    Jione Havea
    SBL Press, 2015

    Explore theories, readings and interpretations from island perspectives

    In this collection the authors focus on contextual, cultural, and postcolonial criticisms. This work seeks to move beyond simply reacting to, rejecting, or recasting biblical interpretations that misunderstand or mischaracterize island space. Instead it serves as an entry point to thinking biblically through the island. The contributors are Margaret Aymer, Randall C. Bailey, Roland Boer, Steed Vernyl Davidson, Jione Havea, Hisako Kinukawa, Grant Macaskill, Mosese Ma'ilo, J. Richard Middleton, Althea Spencer Miller, Aliou C. Niang, Andrew Mein, Daniel Smith-Christopher, Nasili Vaka'uta, and Elaine M. Wainwright.


    • Sixteen essays by islanders rooted in Asia, America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Oceania
    • Essays that invite a conversation on how being islanders and islandedness condition the way islanders read biblical texts
    • Three sections of articles, two of which engage the first

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